Our treatments


Copper, Nickel, Chrome Plating

The surface treatments Bertola s.r.l. provides basically are copper, nickel and chrome plating. Combinations of these treatments can be applied to obtain exceptional quality results.

Multilayer Cycle
Multilayer Cycle on Stainless Steel
New treatments and finishes
Grinding and polishing manual and automated (robot)


Bertola s.r.l. executes decorative industrial galvanic treatment, grinding and polishing for third parties, mostly on metal parts as iron, brass, cast iron, stainless steel.

Bertola s.r.l. provides for important industrial brands, as it is capable of presenting galvanic treatments with superior quality to standard in terms of corrosion resistance and brightness, thanks to the multilayer cycle, made by:
Mat nickel, copper (optional), semi-bright nickel, bright nickel, microporous or microcraked nickel (optional) and decorative chrome plating.

We have a completely automated plant, managed by specific and customized software, in order to ensure compliance to national and international specifications.

Bertola s.r.l. owns an internal lab for analysis and research to control quality and production, as well as climatic chambers for corrosion test. The lab personnel is available to the client for explanations and to satisfy the most various technical needs.

Maximum size of parts to be treated:
Line 1 Copper – Nickel – Chrome:
Lenght mm 2.400 – Wideness mm 400 – Highness mm 1.150

Line 2 Copper – Nickel – Chrome:
Lenght mm 1.800 – Wideness mm 400 – Highness mm 1.150

Line 3 Acid pickling:
Lenght mm 1.750 – Wideness mm 900 – Highness mm 1.200