Our history

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The origins of Bertola s.r.l. dates back to 1929, when Michele Bertola, born in Marene, begun an entrepreneurial activity with a small company of nickel plating in Turin.

During the Second World War, due to the continuous bombings on Turin, he decided to start a small business in Marene. In 1942 he started production with means of luck, and at the end of the war, in 1946, a new company was established, the "Officina Galvanica Bertola", among brothers Michele, Antonio and Giuseppe, specialized in galvanic treatment and metal grinding and polishing. The development was immediate, to the point that the company offered work to fifty employees already in the early ‘50s. After subsequent transformations and modifications, the present Bertola s.r.l. was created, whose social companion is made up of the sons of Antonio Bertola. In 1960, the employees climbed up to 107 units, and in the following period the largest demand for production by major Turin industries gradually began to operate the plant automation.

This transformation is constantly continuing, leading Bertola s.r.l. among the leading companies in the field of galvanic treatments for third parties.