Our certifications

Quality, Enviroment, Safety Management System

Bertola s.r.l. is committed to the respect of international regulation and to the pursue of quality objectives in order to satisfy customer needs; since the year 2000 Bertola is in possess of the Quality Management Certification System, according to ISO 9001 specification (now ISO 9001:2015)

Beyond the standard ISO 9001, Bertola achieved the prestigious IATF 16949:2016 (former ISO/TS 16949), certification that represent the highest quality standard for automotive

The same commitment versus the external environment and natural resources safeguard led the company to achieve a good Environmental Management Certification System, according to ISO 14001, certified since 2003.

In the years 2010s, Bertola s.r.l. started to introduce in his own corporate business some procedures to implementation of Safety Management Certification System, according to OHSAS 18001, aligning itself to specification ISO 10617 after Seveso legislation.